godHistory god

In March of 1998, Striix Windwalker (that's me) formed the Scottish Witchcraft Web Ring. Originally, only sites who followed a form of Scottish Witchcraft were admitted but eventually any site that was related to Celtic culture, mythology, or history was invited to join.

Luckily, the people who joined the ring just happened to be a sensitive, intelligent, and honorable group of people. At first, the idea was to have periodic chats for networking purposes. However, the idea quickly died. A periodic chat here and there did not seem like enough because I sincerely wanted to get to know the people who were behind those web pages. So, in October of 1998, I sent an email out to Joelle and Silver Owl to see how they felt about the whole idea. They went for it. Eventually, the idea was posted to the rest the ring, which was about 15 members at the time. The feedback was positive.

Emails got sent back and forth, and possible names were tossed around. Eventually, a vote was held, and we had a name. In November of 1998, The Clan of the Keltic Moon was born. We organized, reorganized, and organized again. Why? Because this was a group effort and everyone needed to agree. This was not an easy feat, especially when constructing the by-laws, because there were so many different traditions involved. Nonetheless, things went smoothly and we were able to come up with something that everyone was comfortable with. Infact, it seemed like the group grew closer because we were able to overcome our differences and find a common ground.

godClan Structure god

The current method of government for Clan of the Keltic Moon is explained below. As the Clan grows, these methods will be changed to fit the needs of the Clan.

The Clan currently has 5 editors. In addition to designing and maintaining The Keltic Moon web site, the editors also have the responsibility of acting like officers. Essentially, the editors are the movers and shakers of the Clan. The first 15 members of the Web Ring were originally considered the "charter members" but this option was also extended people who joined the web ring after the initial effort was started. In addition, any member who holds any position of responsibility within the Clan will be asked to participate in the vote and is therefore considered a charter member.

Any actions that the editors propose are voted on by the charter members. It is important to note that the voting procedure is informal. Non-replies are considered affirmative votes and the reasons for nay votes will be discussed. This is somewhat like jury deliberation because if someone disagrees we want to know why, and we want to find a solution that is agreeable to everyone. All other members are encouraged to actively participant in Clan government by way of offering suggestions for expansion or improvement.